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International Legal Studies (ILS)

International Legal Studies

ILS is new, exciting, and presents the opportunity for an international experience to launch your career, and provide memories to last a lifetime.

ILS Overview

The International Legal Studies (ILS) provides first year LLB students with the opportunity to apply to study at a top International Law School outside Europe for a year. The exchange year will take place between stages 2 and 3 at Newcastle.

Successful applicants will normally have a year to prepare for their exchange year, and will receive information and guidance on accommodation, finances, module selection, and health & safety before moving abroad. During the year abroad students will receive support and guidance from the host University as well as from Newcastle.

The ILS stream was launched with the opportunity to spend a year studying at either the Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore (NUS), ranked 15th in the world,* or the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), ranked 18th in the world.* Newcastle Law students will be studying at both of these Universities in 2017/18. In addition to these outstanding Universities, a new exchange with the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) will be launched in 2018/19, and we hope to announce new partners with leading Law Schools in Australasia and Africa very soon.

All of our partners teach in English so you do not need foreign language skills to take part in the ILS.

Successful completion of the year abroad is recognised in your degree title on graduation: Law (International Legal Studies) LLB Honours.

Those interested in studying for the International Legal Studies (ILS) degree stream must apply during their first year on the Law (LLB Honours); there is no separate application process via UCAS.

 *according to the QS World University Rankings by Law 2017


The University of California Davis - USA

The University

The University of California Davis, or UCD, is a public research university west of Sacramento in Davis that has more than 35,000 students. The university very highly regarded nationally and globally and has been nicknamed a public Ivy due to its extremely high quality research and teaching. The university offers 200 programmes of study and is a comprehensive university that is a world leader in veterinary sciences and agricultural studies. UCD has many faculty members and researchers that serve on a variety of high level boards in their respective fields and has produced a number of award winning pieces of research.


The University of California Davis is essentially its own student town with a massive 7000 acre campus and is considered to be its own entity just outside of the technical Davis city line. The university offers over 500 societies through one of the best funded student unions in the country. UC Davis also competes in high level sports on the West Coast and the university is very proud of its sports teams, bringing together the student population in support. UCD also has a student run post office, student run and operated bus system, a coffee house that serves over 7,000 people daily and a large bicycle shop that also does repairs and rentals.

Living in Davis

Davis is a suburb of the Californian capital of Sacramento, and has a population of about 65,000 not including the university. While university students rarely need to leave the campus to enjoy nightlife, dining options or other forms of entertainment, Davis can still offer a range of student-oriented bars, restaurants and cafes. Davis runs a farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays where students can pick up a wide range of local foods and goods every week. The city also holds occasional events and festivals as well as featuring a botanic garden, art walk, and the UCD Mondavi center that hosts world-class touring acts throughout the year.


Davis has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers followed by cool, rainy winters. Winter lows can drop to 3C while the summer highs average around 34C. 

Travel & Transport

Like most American cities driving yourself is normally the best option, but UCD offers a bus system. Cycling is very popular to traverse the large campus and go further into the cycling friendly neighbourhoods of Davis.

UC Davis
UC Davis School of Law

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University - China

The University

Hong Kong University (HKU) is the oldest university in Hong Kong that was founded in 1911. It has nearly 28,000 students and continually ranks among the best universities in the world due to its core belief in celebrating excellence and world leading research. HKU offers a wide range of studies across 10 faculties and is well respected in all of them, though the medicine school can arguably be called an area of specialisation after discovering the cause of SARS as well as a number of other fine accomplishments. Regardless of the particular course, HKU is dedicated to producing the best candidates.


HKU believes in academic excellence, but this can't be achieved if the students aren't happy and settled. The university offers a mentor program where exchange students are partnered with a home student that can help show them around and make sure that the exchange students are settled in. The students union, which hosts over 100 societies, is very active and much loved by the students.

Living in Pok Fu Lam

Pok Fu Lam is a residential area on the Hong Kong island. Separated from the major hustle and bustle of Hong Kong proper, Pok Fu Lam is known for its green spaces and calm lifestyle. The views from around the area are striking with coastal views and wooded areas in abundance. Student life is well served around the area and the university is the keystone of the community.


Pok Fu Lam has a warmer climate, with temperatures ranging from 15-30C throughout the year. The summer months bring high temperatures as well as more rain while the comfortable winter months experience very little rain at all.

Travel & Transport

The most viable source of transport in Pok Fu Lam is a fleet of buses and mini-buses. These buses can take passengers to other parts of the town and district and further into the metropolitan area where students can take advantage of enhanced public transport options.

Hong Kong University
HKU Faculty of Law


McGill University - Montreal

The University

McGill University was founded in 1821 and has become one of the best known universities in Canada and a global research leader. The university has over 40,000 students and 300 courses of study. The university has a great history of research including Ernest Rutherford's Nobel prize winning research in radioactivity. There's a fantastic tradition of achievement at McGill University and they are dedicated to maintaining that high level that the world has come to expect from their graduates.


McGill university offers a very wide range of clubs, societies and groups for students to engage in. From departmental groups to more specific clubs based on interests and sports, the university surely has a number of activities that any student would want to join. The university also prides itself on having convenient, healthy dining options available on campus using fresh and local ingredients to satisfy any student's dietary needs and preferences which is always of great importance to any student. The university also has a number of competitive sports teams and range of student services to make sure every student feels at home and has everything they need to be happy and successful.

Living in Montreal

Montreal is a multi-cultural city of about 1.7 million people and is also a bilingual city, with around 60% of citizens speaking French. Speaking French isn't mandatory though as many citizens speak English natively and over half the population of Montreal can fluently speak both languages. Montreal is also a UNESCO Design City and a vibrant, colourful metropolitan that can provide unique and amazing experiences for anyone of any interest. Night life, shopping, arts, games, no matter how you like to spend your free time the city of montreal is one of the best in the world for your particular interests.


Montreal has a temperate climate experiencing the typical four seasons. Winters are particularly cold and very snowy with temperatures dipping down to -10C and inches of snowfall. The summers are full of long, warm days with temperatures in the high 20's.

Travel & Transport

Montreal has wide range of public transport options with a subway and rail system being the best options to avoid the congested traffic of a major city. The Sir George Williams campus is ideally situated for nightlife for students due to its core downtown location and student may not need to use public transportation too often as much of the city attractions are just outside of the campus.

McGill Law
McGill University


The National University of Singapore - Asia

The University

The National University of Singapore is the oldest university in Singapore, founded in 1905. The university has nearly 40,000 students enrolled and is one of the highest rated universities in the world. NUS believes in excellency that extends beyond the lectures, encouraging and teaching students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers that are able to become high-flying members of society later in life. Research at the university is of the highest calibre, with thousands of projects underway and hundreds of patent applications. Those doing research at the National University of Singapore will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology to help solve problems that affect the world.


An educational leader, NUS understands that students need to have time to grow as individuals and enjoy university life. This is why the university have more than 100 student societies and groups and over 40 sports teams. Art and culture lovers will also benefit from many music recitals, dance sessions and even rockfests. The university holds a yearly arts festival. Mixing in with a diverse and cultured group of students is also easy with the campus "University Town", a campus that feels like a neighbourhood.

Living in Singapore

Singapore has a population of over 5 million residents and is a uniquely diverse and exciting area. Singapore is known for its incredible multi-culturalism, and this evident in the world-famous cuisine. Foodies will find everything their heart desires from around the world and as such students have ample opportunities to have nights out enjoying amazing food, beautiful city scenes and enjoying life their new home. Living in Singapore gives students a unique opportunity to feel at home and welcomed throughout the city as they would in the university as all cultures are embraced and enjoyed, so visitors can adapt to the local customs at a pace they feel comfortable with.


Singapore has a tropical climate which means the weather is consistent all year. Fro month to month the daily temperature ranges from 23C to 30C. December or July, every day is warm in Singapore. Rainfall is also mostly consistent with around 15 days of rain a month with a lot of rain falling on those days.

Travel & Transport

Being a compact city, Singapore has a number of public transportation options when walking is out of the question. Uniquely affordable taxis are an option as well as buses and trains. The government limits the number of vehicles on the road, so using taxis and buses is a viable and time efficient option given the high population density of Singapore.

NUS Faculty of Law


The University of New South Wales - Sydney

The University

The University of New South Wales is one of the elite universities of Australia and one of the top universities globally. Established in 1949, UNSW has more than 50,000 students enrolled and is one of the most applied to universities in Australia. The university has excelled in a wide variety of fields including Law, civil engineering and finance among others. Moving ever upward and forward, UNSW is a global innovator and improving it's already impressive repertoire year by year. The university can also boast producing more millionaire alumni and major corporation CEO's than any other Australian university. Few universities have such a long list of impressive statistics and accomplishments as the University of New South Wales.


The University of New South Wales offers a number of societies and sporting clubs for students to join with access to high-class facilities. The university is also very active in a wide range of student projects where students are given the chance to put their knowledge to a practical, competitive tests. Such projects include their solar racing team that are creating the first road legal solar car in Australia, renewable energy engineering projects and a competitive team in iGEM, a worldwide synthetic biology competition.

Living in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of the most famous and recognisable cities in the world. The city has a population of approximately 5 million people, with nearly a third of the residents having been born overseas. With more than 250 different languages spoken in the city, Sydney is truly one of the must multi-cultural cities in the world. The city is one of the most liveable cities in the world and draws in millions of tourists with attractions such as the harbour, Royal Botanic Garden and the world-famous Sydney Opera House.


Sydney has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters that only briefly drop below 10C and warm summers with average highs of 26C. While the summers are generally enjoyably warm, there is always a chance for substantial heat waves to hit the area and bring temperatures well into the 30's for a period of time.

Travel & Transport

Sydney offers a combination of rail and tram services as well as bus routes. In Sydney the buses are generally more popular and there are even night rider buses that run from midnight to 5 AM for any night owls enjoying the city's many late night offerings. Walking in the city can also be a good way to get around as there are many attractions in the central areas of the city located close to each other.



The University of Auckland, New Zealand

The University

The University of Auckland is the oldest and most prestigious university in the country of New Zealand. The university has more than 30,000 students and over 2,100 academic staff members. The University of Auckland offers around 150 different programmes of study and is generally considered to be well-rounded comprehensive university with the social sciences and arts being well known. Graduates from the university have found success in a wide range of fields and the university can claim two prime ministers and the chairman of HSBC among some of its more distinguished alumni.


Students at the University of Auckland can enjoy over 200 clubs and societies that bring students from all walks of life together. The university also offers a wide range of activities that students can participate in with a calendar of events around the campus. The campus has many offerings for relaxation and daily life with many cafes and bars as well as a convenience store, book shop and even a pharmacy.

Living in Auckland

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand by population with about 1.5 million residents. Auckland is a multicultural city with a large Polynesian influence, giving the city its unique blend of cultures. Auckland is an exciting city that is surprisingly affordable, a welcome fact for students. There are plenty of leisure activities around the city including a number of surfing and sailing clubs. Auckland is surrounded by rural areas, so an escapade into the famous natural beauty of New Zealand is no challenge.


Auckland has an oceanic climate characterised by very mild winters where the low temperatures dip to about 8C. The summer months in the city see comfortable temperatures with an average high of about 23C.

Travel & Transport

Auckland is expanding its bus services around the city, helping make the public transport more viable. Most citizens drive, though when in the urban area of Auckland walking is always a good option.