Student Progress

Student Data

Data screens 1 and 2 contain most of the information that the University holds about you.  It’s important the information is correct and complete. 

What we keep and why 

Student data 1 screen

This screen holds important personal information about you, including your contact details. When you register for the first time some of the fields may have already been populated with data collected from you during the admission processes. It is important you check that everything is correct and make any amendments.  We will ask you to check the data on this screen at the start of each academic year, but you can access S3P any time during your studies to update your details. 
It is important that we have up to date contact details for you. Please ensure your personal email address, mobile phone number and postal addresses are correct. We need your current home and term-time addresses to send any written correspondence to you. It is a requirement under University regulations that students should notify us of any changes of address by updating their details in S3P. We also need your trusted contact information, for further information about what this is and how it is used, please see our Student Health and Wellbeing webpages.
Once you’ve finished checking and amending the data, press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen. If you’ve missed any compulsory fields these will be highlighted in red and you’ll need to go back and complete them before pressing the ‘Save’ button again. 

Student data 2 screen

You will only be required to check and amend the data on this screen when you first register with the University, or if you start a postgraduate programme after completing undergraduate studies. 
If you’re a new undergraduate student who has completed A-levels or equivalent qualifications before starting University, these should be listed here. If anything is missing or incorrect please let us know by clicking on the ‘Qualifications enquiry’ button at the bottom of the screen. The key information we need is the level of the award, the subject and the date. 
If you’re a postgraduate student your previous qualifications will not be listed on this screen. We asked you to supply evidence of your qualifications to us during the application process, so we don’t need you to check this information. You only need to complete the ‘highest qualification before starting the course’ field by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown list. 
The remaining fields on the Student data 2 screen are key pieces of personal information which we are required to collect for statistical purposes and for our statutory returns to external bodies such as HEFCE (The Higher Education Funding Council for England). The information you provide is stored and used in strict confidence. Although we would like all of our students to complete these fields, if you do not want to supply this information you can select the ‘information refused’ option.  
We often receive queries about the following two fields included in this part of the screen: 
  • Is your gender the same as at birth? – If your gender has changed since you were born you should select ‘No’ from the dropdown list. If your gender has remained unchanged you should select ‘Yes’. 
  • Care leaver – If you’re a UK or EU student we need to know whether you have been in care prior to commencing your studies at the University. Being in care is defined as accommodation and/or care provided by a local authority or health care trust where a parent/guardian are prevented from doing so. International students from outside the EU do not need to complete this field. 
Once you’ve finished checking and amending the data press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen. If you’ve missed any compulsory fields these will be highlighted in red and you must go back and complete them before pressing the ‘Save’ button again. 
If you have queries about the data fields on the Student Data 1 or Student Data 2 screens please contact Student Registration.