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Research Group: Emerging Technology and Materials

The Emerging Technologies and Materials (ETM) group focuses on its unique strengths and capabilities to conduct world class research for the technologies of the future.

We are carrying out cutting edge research in diverse areas ranging from fundamental science for a full physical understanding of natural phenomena up to experimental demonstrations of devices in real-world applications. To do this, our team is multidisciplinary by nature covering expertise in ground-breaking areas such as photonics, electronics, metamaterials and metasurfaces, plasmonics, quantum technologies, materials, devices and computational material technologies, to name a few.

We collaborate with academics within and outside Newcastle University in research projects in Physical Science, Engineering, Biomedical applications, among others, to push the boundaries on technological developments and to create impact in society, people, the academic world and the overall economy. Our research group is:

  • Enhancing human life by developing cutting-edge technology.
  • Carrying out multiple outreach activities to inform society and attract the next generation of talented researchers and students.
  • Transforming the landscape on emerging technologies and materials.
Emerging Technologies students



Taught Programmes

From day one, our Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Programmes give students a path to become a professional engineer addressing major global challenges.

Our Electrical and Electronic Engineering Postgraduate Taught (MSc) Programmes equip students with the advanced skills and expertise to help shape the world.