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Our Latest News

Cygnus X-1

Research reveals details of extremely hot matter around black hole

UKRI Physics grant

Funding boost to expand and test theories of how the Universe works

Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund

University PhD student awarded grant from innovative scholarships programme

150 Years

Celebrating 150 Years of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Newcastle University

Maths Stats and Physics EPSRC Recognition

Prof Proukakis and Drs Hallam, Dr Kakariadis, and Dr Villa recognised for peer review contributions

Study shows unseen nutrient exchanges between algae and bacteria

Research co-led by Newcastle University has shed new light on important microscopic scale interactions between algae and bacteria predicated on the mutually beneficial exchange of nutrients.

New partnership between Newcastle University Solve and Zero Carbon Futures

A new partnership has been formed to address the challenges created by the move to Zero Carbon Transport

NUSolve Launch

Could your research benefit from mathematics, statistics or physics expertise?

Andrea Dawson Wins Institute of Physics Award

Recognition for her exceptional work as Maths, Stats, and Physics' Senior Physics Technician.

Dr Toby Wood's Research Published in Nature Astronomy

Buried magnetic fields explain brightness variations in neutron stars.