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Newcastle University Solve

Newcastle University Solve

Mathematics, Statistics and Physics solutions for business and industry.

Innovative solutions for business and industry

Through our world-class academic expertise and market-leading skills and capability, we deliver innovative solutions for business, industry and society.

We want to work with you in:

  • research
  • consulting
  • training
  • graduate jobs
  • industrial PhDs
  • student placements

Projects are underpinned by internationally renowned mathematics, statistics and physics research capability.

Two people looking at a laptop screen.

Our expertise

We have diverse and wide-ranging expertise, including:

  • Digital
    • quantum computing
    • data science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • security and cryptography
  • Environment
    • renewable energy and demand forecasting
    • climate change
    • mathematics for biology and biotechnology
    • astronomy
  • Social
    • ageing and health
    • mobility and transport
  • Economic
    • manufacturing and industrial processes
    • Emerging Technologies and Materials

Research groups

Our business and industry projects are underpinned by world-class mathematics, statistics and physics research.

Find out more information about our core research groups

National Centres for Excellence

Our research is interdisciplinary. Our experts collaborate with, and work within, several internationally recognised centres of excellence including:


Continuous Professional Development and Life-Long Learning

Newcastle University Solve has extensive expertise in the development and delivery of training programmes for business and industry. These programmes have delivered significant business improvements in areas such as:

  • analysis
  • quality
  • service
  • operational performance
  • professional development opportunities

We offer a range of training programmes. Training can be delivered in custom-built training suites at Newcastle University, online, or on-site at a location preferred by the business partner.

Funding opportunities

Several funding opportunities exist for business and industry to collaborate with us. Funding initiatives include:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) - designed to develop or create a new process, product or service and transfer knowledge from academia into an organisation to provide new capabilities
  • Arrow - provides North East-based Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with access to academics, innovators and experts to enhance their research and innovation journey
  • Industrial PhDs - part-funded 3-4-year industrial PhD placements are available to SMEs in the North East of England
  • 3-month PhD student placements - students are regularly placed with business and industry partners for up to 3 months

Case studies


Newcastle University Solve emerged from the Industrial Statistics Research Unit (ISRU). This unit has a long-standing history of successful engagement with industry in the field of statistics, dating back to 1988.