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Physics Postgraduate Research Students

Learn about the physics research undertaken by some of our current postgraduate research students.

Some of our current PGR students

Niko Sarcevic

Niko’s research focuses on modelling and mitigating the intrinsic alignment of galaxies in weak lensing measurements.

Talha Qamar

Talha’s research interests are in material sciences, biomedical engineering, nano-electronics.

Abdullah Aladim

Abdullah’s research interest is in material science. Their PhD research project explores the use of catalytic transition metal oxide nanoparticles to develop selectivity in graphene gas sensors.

Wasem Aljuaid

Wasem’s research interest is in imaging and sensing system by using photonic nanojet PNJ created by dielectric particles. Their PhD research project is titled 'High-resolution photonic nanojets for detection and manipulation of subwavelength structures'

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