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Impact of our Maths, Stats and Physics Research

Delivering outstanding research impact is one of our School's core objectives. We carry out a range of impact-focused projects.

Tackling today's challenges

The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics' work enabled Newcastle University to rank in the top 10 for Research Impact in Mathematical Sciences (Unit of Assessment 10) in the REF2014.

The demonstrable effects, changes, or benefits to the economy and society; beyond academia.

Definition of Research Impact

Examples of our research impact include effects on:

  • society
  • ageing, health & welfare
  • commerce
  • economy
  • culture
  • climate change
  • biotechnology
  • transport & mobility
Advanced clinical diagnostics and monitoring of cornea damage.

World-leading and internationally excellent research

Almost all the impact-focused research we submitted to the REF2014 was classified as world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour.

Wide-ranging projects

Impact-focused maths, stats and physics projects include, the:

  • creation of software for predicting traffic collision hotspots and evaluating site-based road safety interventions
  • development and implementation of an original Bayesian statistics forecasting solution for gas demand
  • implementation of novel image analysis methods within the healthcare and high-value manufacturing sectors
  • transfer of optimal experimental design approaches into the biology and biotechnology sectors
  • creation of a data analytics company
  • integration of statistical and data analytics into diverse SMEs
  • development of multivariate analysis methods for pipeline defect identification, detection & sizing

For further details about our school research impact activity please email Matthew Linsley.