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Cosmology and Quantum Gravity Research

Our research group focuses on the big bang and fundamental physics.

Particle astrophysics

In recent years, astronomical observations and particle physics experiments have shown the same physical theories link very large scales and very small scales. The inflationary model of the very early universe is an example of this.

Inflation has helped to form a new branch of physics, known as 'particle astrophysics'. Particle astrophysics is increasingly recognised as a key research area.

One of the goals of particle astrophysics is to use the early universe to test the consistency of new developments in particle physics and quantum gravity. An example is the five-dimensional brane-world theory that has arisen from superstring models. We are also investigating the effects of quantum gravity on particle physics experiments.

Our work links directly to satellite observations of the universe today. This enables us to explain the pictures of the universe taken by microwave satellites. It provides a set of initial conditions for galaxy formation, linking in with research areas in astrophysical fluid dynamics.

N-body simulation of the Big Bang.

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