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Statistics Research

We're committed to excellence in statistics research. We aim to improve the quality of statistical support for research in other fields across the University.

World-class research in modern statistics and data science

The group carries out world-class research in modern statistics and data science. Our research has an impact on a range of areas.

Statistics research within the School of Maths, Stats and Physics covers a broad area of both applied and theoretical statistics. Particular strengths of the group are given in the research themes below.

The group is committed to achieving impact from research with partners from industry and public bodies.

Research themes

Collaborative work

Members of the group collaborate with a diverse range of scientists from across the University. Recent projects include:

  • analysis of data from wearable devices for diabetes patients (collaboration with Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • inferring early events on the phylogenetic tree of life (collaboration with ICaMB)
  • modelling microbial communities and biofilms (collaboration with Environmental Engineering)
  • statistical support for crystallography research (collaboration with Natural and Environmental Sciences)

Diverse research impact

Our research has had impact on road safety, the energy industry and medicine.

The statistics research group achieves impact beyond academia through collaborative projects with various industrial partners. Members of the group are also involved with the design, management and analysis of clinical trials.

Recent projects with high impact include the following.

PhD opportunities

Considering postgraduate research in statistics? We welcome applications in all four of our research themes. You can suggest your own project or choose from a list of suggested projects. 

Before applying for a research degree, you should find a supervisor from our staff. They should specialise in the area of research you're interested in.

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