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Applied Mathematics Postgraduate Research Students

Applied Mathematics Postgraduate Research Students

Learn about the applied mathematics research undertaken by some of our current postgraduate research students.

Some of our current PGR students

Alex Gough

Alex’s research interest is gravitational dynamics. Their PhD is focussed on theoretical techniques in cosmic large-scale-structure formation.

Keaghan Krog

Keaghan’s interests are in quantum optics, condensed matter, and quantum mechanics. This has continued into their current research of hot-electron quantum optics.

Samuel Hartham-Evans

Samuel’s research interests relate to understanding ice-ocean interactions in the Arctic Ocean. Their PhD research project is investigating ‘internal solitary waves in ice-covered waters’.

Clarissa Barratt

Clarissa's research interest is in the use of single-electron sources to explore fundamental issues of solid-state physics and quantum-technology. Their current research focuses on calculating the degree of the effect of phase averaging in hot-electron interferometers.

Kate Brown

Kate's research interest is in quantum phase transitions with cosmology. Their current research is centred around using an analogue cold atom system to model the electroweak phase transition

Robert Cooper

Robert's current research interest is in Magnetohydrodynamics, Dynamo Theory, and Superfluid Turbulence.

Ryan Doran

Ryan’s current research interests include Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs), Quantum vortices and turbulence in quantum fluids, Bright Solitons, and Modelling phase transitions in BECs. Their PhD research project is investigating Non-Equilibrium Dynamics and Turbulence in Disordered Bose Gases

Cetin Can Evirgen

Can’s research interests are in Dynamo action in the multi-phase interstellar medium, Dynamo theory, and Data analysis.

Thomas Flynn

Thomas’s research interest is ultracold quantum gases, in particular: self-bound droplets in Bose-Bose systems, beyond mean-field effects, dipolar Bose gases and supersolidity. Their PhD is focussed on Self-Bound Droplets in Two-Component Dilute Bose Gases.

Jack Walton

Jack’s research interest is in collective behaviour, a subject which seeks to understand how macro-level structures, such as flocks, schools and crowds, can arise from simple interactions between individuals.

Ashley Wilkins

Ashley’s research interest is looking into how the Non-Perturbative Renormalisation Group can be applied to stochastic processes.

John Moss

John’s research interest is in comparing existing sound proof models to ascertain how accurately they describe magnetic buoyancy. Their PhD research project is title 'Buoyant Magnetic Fields in the Sun'

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