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Student Case Studies

Find out what some of our undergraduate maths, stats and physics students say about their course and take a look at the career paths of some of our alumni.

Our students

Andrew, BSc Mathematics

On choosing Newcastle: "I just got a good feeling from the University, the accommodation, the School and the staff."

Rob, BSc Mathematics

On studying at Newcastle: "Teaching at Newcastle is great, lectures are clear and concise."

Ian, BSc Physics

On studying at Newcastle: "The lecturers on the course are brilliant (...) they are more than happy to answer any question you have."

Matthew, BSc Maths and Economics

On the course: "The course itself is very broad, so if you have any doubts about what you would like to do after university, then Maths and Economics is a great degree to have under your belt."

Amy, MPhys Physics

On the course: "Laboratory physics is my favourite module. I have the opportunity to work with high tech equipment, which makes labs much more exciting than they were during A Levels."

Olivia, BSc Mathematics

On recommending Newcastle: "I would say Maths is an extremely rewarding but very challenging course."

Martina, BSc Mathematics with Management

On choosing Newcastle: "Employability was a big factor for me, especially as my degree offered an optional placement year."

Imogen, BSc Physics

On studying at Newcastle: "Newcastle University has incredible facilities, the labs here are very advanced and high tech, especially compared to some other universities I looked around."

Danni, BSc Mathematics and Statistics with an Industrial Placement BSc

On studying at Newcastle: "Every lecturer is very approachable, both face to face and by email."


Sorcha, Analyst at Goldman Sachs

"(my course) gave me the skill set, and importantly the social skills, which are key to success in a grad job at a high profile firm."

Sophie, Operational Research Analyst at Department for Work and Pensions

"I found most of my modules to be really interesting, lecturers were happy to help on assignments and I liked the structure of the course."

Craig, Investment Banking Analyst at Exotix Capital

"(I liked the) breadth of modules. In third year I had a wide variety of courses available to me to choose from."

Ashleigh, Graduate Insight Manager at O2

"(The course) definitely helped me learn to present and talk, as well as work in groups, which is crucial."

Harry, Global Purchasing Operations Business Partner at Jaguar Land Rover

"I liked the variety of subjects and the complete free reign over module choices in our final year as it meant we could tailor our degree to our liking."

Doug, Climate Science Researcher

"I wouldn't be doing what I am today without Newcastle University"

Emma, Catastrophe Modeller

"The second I arrived I knew that Newcastle University was the place for me."

Kathryn, PhD student 

"I think very highly of the School of Maths, Stats and Physics. The staff are all really friendly and helpful."

Caroline, Data Scientist

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying maths at Newcastle University, it provided me with many academic and professional skills that are essential for my job."

Huakai, Data Scientist

"After I completed my Mathematics and Statistics degree, I went on study for an MSc in Data Science at the School of Computing. This built on my interest in statistics from my Undergraduate degree."