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Lynda Manning - Partner, Till Henderson, New Plymouth, New Zealand (Law, 1988)

The course was highly recommended by friends and I liked what I saw on an open day. Many of the lecturers were working as Barristers and had experience in the profession. There was a wide variety of options and I like the fact that the Law Faculty was quite small. I moved to New Zealand two days after graduation and qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand two years later. I have never ever felt disadvantaged as my degree was from another country. The research skills and the way I was taught to think at Newcastle have been invaluable throughout my career. I have worked as a Family court lawyer and every day the paramountcy principal that I first learnt at Newcastle comes into play. I was made a Partner in my firm after six years and am my regions representative to the New Zealand Family law section. My degree certificate hangs proudly in my office. The degree trained me how to think and evaluate situations and how to come up with solutions.