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North East Law Review

A student editorial board at Newcastle University launched The Law Review in 2013. It's a platform for students to display their excellent work to the legal community.

About the North East Law Review

The North East Law Review (NELR) is led by members of Newcastle University Law Society and Newcastle University Bar Society.

It is a journal to showcase the best of our students' work. It's also a blog that aims to invite discussion and debate on the latest issues in law. 

In the North East Law Review you will find:

  • blog posts on the latest developments in any areas of law  
  • case summaries of the latest key cases 
  • panel discussions 
  • seminar/workshop/symposium recordings 
  • podcasts, which might discuss a key case or development 

Learn more about the
North East Law Review

The first volume of the Law Review was published in June 2013. You can view all volumes in our catalogue.

Please take a moment to explore our blog, North East Law Review. Follow our Twitter feed to stay updated with our latest developments.

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