Newcastle Law School

Erika Miller

Erika Miller

Law LLB, 2015. Civil Servant, Department for Education

Why did you chose to study Law at Newcastle University?

From Scotland, I was the only person in my school who applied to university at a different country. I wanted a change and felt so at home when visiting Newcastle. The module options felt modern whilst including all the traditional aspects of a law degree; Newcastle law school struck the right balance between tradition and modernity. It had a great reputation and seemed an exciting city to live in.

What did you like the most about your course?

There were modules available for a variety of interests and career aspirations. Friends interested in commercial practice were able to focus on that. I had a broader interest in law and society, and was able to focus on modules such as Legal Theory and Law and Literature, to pursue the things that were most relevant to me.

How would you describe the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne?

I came to Newcastle for university but have stayed for 7 years for the city! It's a vibrant, lively place to be. The increasing presence of craft bars and indie music venues has created some diversity in the social and cultural options on offer here. It's affordable and not in the least intimidating; the perfect size for people who want the experience of city living whilst still feeling at home, I think.

Please give a brief description of your career journey since graduating from Newcastle University.

Straight after graduating, I undertook the Teach First graduate scheme, the Leadership Development Programme. This involved teaching secondary school English full time and gaining a post grad in education. I finished my grad scheme and went to work in government policy development for the Department for Education, which is where I am now.

How has your time studying Law, and other activities, at Newcastle University contributed to you achieving your career goals?

Studying law gave me a deep appreciation for society and how it operates. That's been essential for working in government policy development. I present options on how the law can be changed to fit with the government's agenda. That hinges both on a sound understanding of legislation and parliamentary processes, but also relies on political awareness and compassion for society. Newcastle law school gave me a good grounding in both. That's in addition to the transferable skills that come with participation in mooting, client interviewing and the range of extracurricular activities on offer.

In a one line quote, sum up why you would encourage a prospective student to study law at Newcastle?

The best of both worlds - a modern, progressive institution with a firm footing in tradition.