Newcastle Law School

Funded Research

Funded Research

Significant sums of external funding have also facilitated research within the School. Examples include funding from the AHRC for work on the environmental governance of common land in historical perspective as well as from the ESRC Governance After Brexit Grant for a project exploring identity in Post-Brexit Northern Ireland. 

Common Land - AHRC

Commons land investigates legal models for delivering a new approach to securing and protecting common land for the benefit of local communities

Wellbeing in Law and Society

Researching wellbeing and anxiety in the legal professions, including law schools.

Novel Beings

Developing practical legal definitions for the status of conscious and unconscious novel beings.

Socio-legal imaginaries of epigenetics

Exploring how claims associated with epigenetics may give rise to legal claims.

Communicating Europe

Exploring the role of communication in the assessment of EU actions and policies.

Performing Identities

Considers the impact of multi-level governance on how those in Northern Ireland identify.

Wastes and Strays

Studies urban commons across England, and will promote them as publicly accountable, open, green, spaces vital for culture, health, wellbeing and biodiversity in the metropolitan context.