Newcastle Law School

Impact & Engagement

At Newcastle Law School we work closely with a range of stakeholders to support their work in human rights advocacy, access to justice, environmental governance, and the protection of legal rights.

Our staff hold advisory positions for a number of institutions and civil society bodies. 

Our research has informed law-making, policies and practices across the UK and the World.

Inspiring Change across Society, Policy and Law

Northern Ireland and Brexit

Exposing the specific 'Irish' dimensions to current political debates surrounding Brexit.

International Refugee Law and Asylum

Shaping attitudes of the nature of asylum as a general principle of international law. 

Rewriting Children's Rights Judgments

Influencing the adoption of children's rights approach within law and legal processes.

Commons Land

Investigates legal models for securing and protecting common land.

Environmental Governance in NI

Informing environmental governance reform in Northern Ireland and supporting the Environmental NGO sector.

Armed Conflict and Forcible Displacement

Protecting individual rights under international law in situations of armed conflict and forcible displacement

Performing Identities

Considers the impact of multi-level governance on how those in Northern Ireland identify.