Newcastle Law School

Research Groups

Research at Newcastle Law School is enhanced by the work of our School Research Groups and through our leadership in a number of Faculty Research Groups.

The Research Groups run a vibrant seminar series and other conferences and workshops, bringing in researchers from across Newcastle and beyond.

Faculty Research Groups

Our staff are part of a number of Faculty Research Groups. Members of the Law School have pioneered the development of the Human Rights and Social Justice Forum; the International Studies in Forced Migration group; and the Children and Young People Research Hub.

The Faculty Research Groups bring together scholars from across the University to share insights, methodologies and approaches on a number of key themes. The Faculty Research Groups organised conferences, seminar series and other events.

Human Rights & Social Justice Forum

HRSJ explores the relationsihp between human rights law (national, regional and international) and social justice and politics.

International Studies in Forced Migration

Organises series of seminar and undertakes engagement activities in the area of forced migration.

Gender Research Group

Cross-disciplinary discussions on sexual identities and gender relations in arts and humanities.

Children and Young People Research Hub

Discussing cross-disciplinary methodologies and approaches to work on children and young people.

Race, Crime and Justice Research Group

Generated by concern about the impact of the EU Referendum vote on attitudes towards ‘race’ and ethnicity in the region.

School Research Groups

The School hosts two research groups, which bring together staff and research students within the School and across the University. The groups organise conferences and seminar series. 

Environmental Regulation Research Group

Placing the practice of environmental regulation in historical, political and economic contexts.

Law, Innovation, & Society Research Group

Addressing challenges around law regulating innovation and innovation within law and institutions.