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Professor Sophia Tang

Chair in Law and Commerce


Professor Zheng Sophia Tang joined the Newcastle University in 2014. She is a Chair in Law and Commerce. Before that she taught law at the University of Leeds and the University of Aberdeen.

Professor Tang read law at the Wuhan University (China) and Manchester University (UK), and obtained her PhD degree at the University of Birmingham supported by the Postgraduate Research Scholarship.  She is also a barrister-at-law and an accredited mediator. She is an associate at the Centre of Private International Law, University of Aberdeen, and an external adviser at the Law and Emerging Technologies Research Group, University of Leeds. 

Professor Tang is specialised in private international law, consumer law and transnational commercial law, in which she has published extensively. Her articles appear in prestigious law journals, including ICLQ, Modern Law Review, Journal of Private International Law, Hong Kong Law Journal, Edinburgh Law Review, European Law Review, Netherlands Journal of International Law, etc. Professor Tang's monograph Elecronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws (2nd., Hart, 2015) and article "Exclusive Choice of Forum Clauses in Electronic Consumer Contracts" (2005) 1 Journal of Private International Law 237 are cited by the Canadian Supreme Court in Douez v Facebook.

Professor Tang is an editor of, the leading and most influential blog in conflict of laws which was ranked 33 of the top 100 UK law blogs in 2017. She is also a member of the advisory board of Journal of Private International Law and an editor of the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law. She is one of the authors of Cheshire, North and Fawcett: Private International Law (15th ed), the leading text in this field. She is a regular reviewer for many reputable law journals in the field and prestigious law publishers, including OUP, CUP, Hart, Edward Elgar, etc. She has provided public lectures and training for judges, government officials and legal practitioners in EU, UK, China and Macau. She has led and contributed to research projects funded by the Carnegie Trust, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of PRC, Chinese Social Science Foundation, and European Commission. She serves as an expert for the European Commission DG Justice in the Justice programme and Horizon 2020, and for the National Science Centre in Poland. She is a member of the ESRC Global Challenge Research Fund peer review group and an expert in the EU SME Centre. 

Professor Tang has collaborated with Dr Lorna Gillies at the University of Strathclyde in establishing the UK Private International Law Network in 2014, which is the first UK-wide inter-institutional network dedicated to the academics interested in private international law (PIL) and cross-border regulation of private relationships. The Network has five broad aims: to improve scholarly collaboration between members; enhance private international law teaching and learning; assisting young and emerging scholars in private international law to develop research skills and exchange ideals; explore innovative research methods in private international law and develop interdisciplinary research; improve communication between private international law scholars, lawyers, policy makers and other stake holders.



Professor Tang's research interest lies in the field of private international law/conflict of laws. Professor Tang's research primarily focuses on European harmonisation of private international law, and the interaction between private international law and other commercial law areas, such as consumer protection, e-commerce, aviation law, commercial corruption, etc. She is also interested in cross-border commercial law, including transnational litigation, class action/collective redress, and international arbitration.

Professor Tang published extensively in her specialised area. She has published five monographs with Hart, Routledge and Edward Elgar. Her articles are published in reputable peer-review journals, such as ICLQ, Modern Law Review, European Law Review, Journal of Private International Law, Hong Kong Law Journal, Edinburgh Law Review and the Netherlands International law Review. She is a frequent speaker in international academic and professional conferences and seminars.

Current Research Projects 

"Belt and Road" and Regional Judicial Cooperation

Research Methods and Culture in Private International Law

Cross-border Intellectual Property Litigation in China

PhD Supervision

Conflict of laws/Private international law

International commercial arbitration 


Undergraduate Teaching

Private International Law

Postgraduate Teaching 

International Sale of Goods

International Commercial Arbitration

Professor Tang was nominated for Teaching Excellence Awards (TEAs) 2016 (Taught Supervisor of the Year)