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Dr Sylvia de Mars

Senior Lecturer in Law



I joined the Law School in September 2010, following a PhD at the University of Nottingham on the national regulatory responses to a variety of EU-level public procurement measures.  I previously taught at the University of Nottingham, where I also administrated the Public Procurement Research Group and organized the 2009 edition of the Public Procurement Research Students Conference. From February 2018 until August 2020, I also worked as a Senior Researcher in EU and International Law and Policy at the House of Commons Library.

Roles and Responsibilities

Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Law School


BA(Hons) in Social Science (University College Utrecht, 2004)
LLM in International Law (Nottingham, 2006)
PhD (Nottingham, 2011)


English and Dutch (fluent); French

Area of Expertise

EU Law, International Trade Law, Comparative Constitutional Law



Research Interests

My academic history lies in public international law, with a focus on international economic/trade law.  Since completing my PhD, I have become particularly interested in EU law as a model for trade and cooperation.  These days, I am something of an EU law omnivore; I tend to latch onto particular Court of Justice or EU legislative developments and consider the implications (both EU-wide and within Member States) of these developments.

At the moment, I am working on the following projects:

- Organising healthcare for a potentially migrant citizenry: what (if anything) can the EU learn from the US?  (Project funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust.)

- Performing Identities (funded by the ESRC) - alongside Colin Murray, Aoife O'Donoghue and Ben Warwick.

In November 2015, I was interviewed about the legal consequences of a 'Brexit' by BBC Radio 4's Law in Action; the interview can be downloaded/listened to here.  In 2017, I gave evidence on the implications of Brexit for trade and the border in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee and the Commons International Trade Committee. In 2018, the Lords Select Committee on the European Union invited me to give evidence on the future UK-EU relationship. Also in 2018, the Lords Constitution Committee invited me to give evidence on the role of the European Parliament in scrutinising EU treaties.

Research Funding


ESRC Governance After Brexit Grant £249869, alongside Colin Murray (Newcastle), Aoife O'Donoghue (Durham) and Ben Warwick (Birmingham) for a project titled Performing Identities: Post-Brexit Northern Ireland and the reshaping of 21st Century Governance

2015/2016 - 2017/2018

ESRC IAA funding, £19924, alongside Colin Murray (Newcastle), Aoife O'Donoghue (Durham) and Ben Warwick (Birmingham) for a project titled Constitutional Conundrums: Northern Ireland, the EU and Human Rights


BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, £3380, for a project titled Regulating Healthcare Access in a Citizens' Europe: Lessons from the US


For a project titled The Indirect Pressures of EU Free Movement of Persons on Domestic Healthcare Regulation: The EU-Compatibility of Healthcare Access Rules in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland:

  • Society of Legal Scholars, £865, for research conducted in Ireland
  • Newcastle University's HaSS Faculty Research Fund, £1536, for research conducted in Belgium and the Netherlands

Visiting Scholar Positions

Aix Marseille Université (2010)
KU Leuven (2014)
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (2014)
University College Dublin (2014)
Georgetown University (2015)

Postgraduate Supervision

Note: I am currently not able to take on more PhD students.  In general, I would be interested in supervising any postgraduate research projects on EU law, particularly those that take a comparative approach to evaluating the effects of EU measures on Member States in a variety of social and economic fields.

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