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Company Directors and Principal Officers at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

Company Directors

  • Professor David John Burn (Chair), Pro Vice-Chancellor (Medical Sciences), Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Suzanne Cholerton, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation, Newcastle University, UK
  • Mr Richard Conrad Dale, Executive Director of Finance, Newcastle University, UK
  • Ms Premila Nair, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Administration, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
  • Ms Zuriani Abu Bakar, Senior Finance Manager, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Principal Officers

  • Provost and CEO – Professor Chris Baldwin
  • COO and Head of Administration – Ms Premila Nair
  • Dean of Academic Affairs – Dr Paul Hubbard
  • Dean of Clinical Affairs – Dr Harinarayan Radhakrishna
  • Dean of Research – Dr Michaela Louise Goodson
  • Dean of Biomedical Sciences – Dr Madihah Rushaidi
  • Dean of Student Affairs – Dr Ryali Ratna Manjari 
  • Senior Finance Manager – Ms Zuriani Abu Bakar
  • People Services Manager – Ms Nirmala Arjunan

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed Malaysia) is a wholly owned branch campus of Newcastle University, UK.