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NUMed Students Association

NUMed Student Association (NUMed SA) is the body that represents the student community at NUMed Malaysia.

The NUMed Student Association represents students across a range of issues, and is also responsible for event planning and hosting at NUMed Malaysia.


  • serve as a representative body for the student community, run by students for students
  • serve as a channel of communication between the student community and NUMed, Iskandar Investment Berhad and EduCity to seek action on relevant issues
  • provide a fair, balanced and effective representation of the student body in matters related to student welfare
  • co-operate with NUMed in allocating annual budgets to student societies on campus
  • enrich student life and experience in NUMed through social and cultural activities with the support of NUMed and student societies
  • provide a fair and equal-opportunity platform for students to become involved in the Student Association
  • inform NUMed students about the work of Newcastle University Students' Union (NUSU), including The Education Awards (TEAs) and Celebrating Success Awards

Student Association roles and responsibilities

Student Support Coordinator

Maisarah binti Rosli

My main purpose is to provide extra-curricular support to the students of NUMed Malaysia and to provide support and guidance to the NUMed Student Association. I will be the point of contact between NUSU and NUMed in promoting NUSU opportunities to students at NUMed, including the ncl+ Awards, TEAs, Celebrating Success Awards and the Student Advice Centre.

Find out more about NUSU.





Faustina Lau – MBBS Stage 2

My role as President is to be the leader of the Student Association. The President is the leader of the High Committee of the Student Association and I shall be responsible for any final decisions and enforcement of rules in the organisation. I am to administrate and preside over general meetings.



Vice President

Goh Jian Cheng – MBBS Stage 2 

My role as Vice President is to assist the President during normal association operations, and assume full duties and responsibilities of the President in their absence. I am involved in work coordination within the association and ensure that a healthy relationship within the committee is maintained.




Lee Hau Sen – MBBS Stage 2

My role as Secretary is to record the minutes of all NUMed Student Association meetings for members’ perusal. I will maintain the documentations of the association and assist in composing correspondence on behalf of NUMed Student Association.


Sean Tay – MBBS Stage 2

My role is to keep track of claims, budget and funding for NUMed clubs and societies. I also maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records on all expenses and disbursement of funds. Furthermore, I liaise with NUMed finance department with regard to payments, deposits and claims, and prepare budget proposals for all Student Association.

Social Officer

Felix Peh – MBBS Stage 2

My role as Social Officer is to primarily ensure that all activities organised by the Student Association run smoothly and assist in effectively promoting our events to EduCity, the public and NUMed students.

Student Welfare Officer


My role as Welfare Officer is to bridge the gap between students from all the different programmes here at NUMed to create a cohesive, conducive and friendly environment for study and social wellbeing. I will be the first point of contact for student complaints and then present them to the Student Association High Committee.


External Relations Officer


My role as External Relations Officer is to communicate with EduCity’s Student Senate about matters regarding EduCity events and activities.

Education Officer

Evelyn Chong – MBBS Stage 2

My role as Education Officer is to constantly update students with the latest breakthroughs related to medical researchers’ diseases and health issues. Managing educational activities within the campus is also part of the job scope. I am committed to fairly representing a student’s perspective at meetings and video conferences. I will also be in charge of the book and medical tools ordering services.

Logistics Officer

Nandita Isukapalli – MBBS Stage 2 

My role as Logistics Officer is to deal with all matters pertaining to the logistics of any events organised by the Students Association, such as PA system and transport. I am also in charge of handling and storing equipment during and after any events when necessary.

Sports Representative

Joey Leong – MBBS Stage 2

My role as Sports Representative is to liaise with every NUMed sports club to ensure sports activities are running smoothly and going well. I am the Project Manager for our annual NUMed Games and I am also responsible for arranging any participation in any sports-related inter-varsity competition, such as MIVG.

International Students' Representative

Sri Uma Priya – MBBS Stage 2

My role as International Students' Representative is primarily concerned with the welfare of all international students studying at NUMed. This includes ensuring a smooth transition in living away from home and adapting to a new study environment, as well as providing them with important information pertaining to their studies. I am also responsible for being a point of contact between international students and the student office.

Publicity Officer

Jong Jie – MBBS Stage 1

My role as Publicity Officer is to publicise any events staged at NUMed by the Student Association and other clubs and societies. I am also in charge of facilitating the collaboration between the Student Association and The NUMed Times in terms of event coverage. In addition, I am the official photographer for the association, and I handle the social media accounts.

Design Officer

Amrutha Sanjayan Chettipparambil – MBBS Stage 2

My role as Design Officer is to assist the Publicity Officer, as well as contribute in terms of design for all of the events held by the association.

BMS Representative

Jen Xi - BMS Stage 2

My role as a BMS (Biomedical Sciences) Representative is to bridge the gap between biomedical sciences students and the Student Association so that any concerns that students have can be considered and appropriate action taken.

FIS Representative

Akshara Menon – FIS May 

My role as an FIS (Foundation in Science) Representative is to bridge the gap between FIS students and the rest of the student body and to voice any opinions and concerns they may have.

Clinical Representative

Srinjoy Bose – MBBS Stage 3

My role as the Clinical Representative is to communicate well with people of different stages (3/4/5) and understand the structure of their year and what problems they might be facing. I also discuss/manage Stage 3 students' problems with the clinical dean, for instance, groupings, hotels and transportation.


Here’s a list of some of the wonderful events that the NUMed Students Association has staged.


  • Orientation Weekend
  • ClubFest
  • Autism Awareness Event
  • Culture Fest
  • SA Hoodie Design Competition
  • NUMed Ball
  • NUMed Games
  • Staff Appreciation Event
  • NUMed Charity Drive
  • Mental Health Week

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