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Research at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Research at NUMed Malaysia focuses on projects that address local needs but our expert team collaborates with researchers around the globe.

NUMed Malaysia's research team comprises researchers from both the UK and Malaysia.

Our team works together across different disciplines on projects that address local needs. It collaborates with higher education institutions and health care facilities in Malaysia. The team also partners with researchers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and South America.

Much of the work tackles the challenges set by the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Collaboration has brought an exchange of people, ideas, practice and technology. It has also meant more cost-effective delivery of solutions.

NUMed Malaysia has hosted PhD students and post-docs from the UK and Malaysia. We will host more researchers soon. In the past three years we have also employed recent graduates and early career researchers. They have gained experience before studying Master's and PhD programmes.