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Successful Grants

Achievement of grants secured from Newcastle University and external funding sources.

Congratulations To All Grant Award Recipients

2024 grant secured

LevelLeaderGrant NameTitle 


Pamela Knight

Education Research Development and Practice (ERDP)

Transnational Perceptions of Online Resource Utility in Supporting Biomedical Science Students' Practical and Professional Skill Development

2023 grant secured

Level LeaderMembers Grant NameTitle 


Moe Kyaw Thu

Madihah Rushaidhi

James Woon

MSM Community Outreach Grant 2023

Promoting Microbial Awareness Among School Children: Community Microbiology Education Program


Nurul Uyun Abdul Aziz

Madihah Rushaidi

Nur Alia Mohamed

Education Research Development and Practice (ERDP)  Anatomy Education Environment Measurement Inventory:  A cross-campus comparison between NUMed, Malaysia and Newcastle University, UK  


Vivian Andaya Verbo

Nadine Nograles  Education Research Development and Practice (ERDP) Evaluation of the Peer Mentoring Program on Year 1 and 2 NUMed MBBS program during the Covid 19 Pandemic 


Pamela Anne Knight   Education Research Development and Practice (ERDP) Evaluation of Stage 2 Biomedical Science student perceptions and understanding of the subject of Ethics at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) and Newcastle University (NCL) UK 


James Woon

Madihah Rushaidhi 

Roshan Mascarenhas

MG Subhashini    Norlilawati Suboh

Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Attitude, barriers, and motivators towards research participation at a teaching-oriented international branch campus in Malaysia: A NUMed experience 


Cindy Lee

Dominic Kay

Yee Chu Kwa

Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Water Security: WASH Status and Water Governance in Siem Reap River 


Pang Kok Lun

James Woon

Roshan Mascarenhas

Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Elucidation the role of mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling and endoplasmic reticulum stress as early signals in tocotrienol-induced SW1353 chondrosarcoma cell paraptosis


Bhuwaneswaran Vijayam 

Ahmad Moola

Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Food Insulin Index Prediction Model Using Machine Learning Algorithm 
University Nadine Nograles Nurul Atiah Lylia Steffi Tan Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Participant’s views, engagement, and satisfaction towards feedback meetings employing inquiry-structured agenda topics 
University Nurul Atiah Iylia 

Nadine Nograles

Steffi Tan 

Internal Research Grant (NIRG) Factors Influencing Socially Responsible Leadership Development in Higher Education Students through an Environmental Conservation Outreach Programme


 Last updated: 7 February 2024