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Clubs and Societies

For athletes. For music lovers. For trying new things.

At NUMed Malaysia we host a wide range of clubs and societies. Here’s a list of some of them. Why not pick those best suited to your interests and join up?

 Sports clubs

  • Volleyball Club
  • Newcastle Climbing Club
  • FLEB Frisbee
  • NUMed Basketball Association
  • Table Tennis Club
  • NUMed Dance Club
  • NUMed Billiards Club
  • Badminton Club
  • NUMed Futsal Club



  • NUMed International Society – NISOC
  • Islamic Society – ISOC
  • Chinese Society
  • Debate Society
  • The NUMed Indian Society
  • Christian Fellowship
  • NUMed Buddhist Society

Medically related clubs and societies

  • Academic Medicine Society
  • NUMed Surgical Society
  • Bioscience Society

Miscellaneous clubs and societies

  • Move It Club
  • The NUMed Times 
  • VOLTAGE Society
  • NUMed Music Club
  • Campus Cursive