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Visa and Immigration Information

Find out about visa and immigration information to study in Malaysia and what to do when you arrive.

The Government of Malaysia has agreed to allow the entry of international students from 1 January 2022. The latest Standard Operating Procedure on international students entering Malaysia is available on the Education Malaysia Global Services webpage.

It is a requirement that all international students receive approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia and a Student Pass.

Application for a Student Pass will be managed by NUMed Malaysia. It is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to approve or reject any visa application.

Application requirements and procedures

Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is the visa-processing agent for international students who want to study in Malaysia. It is a requirement by the Immigration Department of Malaysia that students must apply and obtain the approval for a Student Pass before the start of their educational programme.

International students must attend the pre-arrival medical check-up in their home country before the institution can submit the student visa application to EMGS to obtain the Visa Approval Letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Below are the documents required for submission to EMGS.

Post-arrival medical screening in Malaysia

We will arrange for you to attend the post-arrival medical screening at the appointed clinic by EMGS within seven days of your arrival. We will notify you of the date of your appointment.

Student Pass

Student Pass approval is subject to your post-arrival medical health check report. We will notify you via email should your report be a fail. Appealing the result of the medical health check report is subject to approval from EMGS.

We will notify you when to submit your passport via email as soon as we have received the supporting letter from EMGS for endorsement of your Student Pass.