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Power, Space, Politics

We examine expressions of political power across space at a range of scales, from the international and national to the intimate, and with reference to a range of global contexts.


A world-leading research cluster of critical geographers and theorists whose influential work examines the spatially uneven expressions, operation, and outcomes of political power, politics and the political.

Enlarged through multiple strategic appointments, this research agenda is multi-scalar and spans multiple sites of contemporary and historical political change including: the contemporary Middle East, Arctic, post-socialist Europe, Latin America, Falkland Islands, and South Africa.

Extending this group’s established work on geopolitical theory and practice, military geographies, and peace, new research explores:

  • conflict and displacement
  • military occupation
  • civil-military relationships
  • language-use and statecraft
  • production and residues of newly advanced weapons
  • identity and nationalism
  • civilian trauma pathways in conflict settings
  • healthcare in war zones
  • arts-based peace-building
  • geographies of international law
  • genocide and atrocity prevention

This work has been developed through diverse engagement with organisations including:

  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Médicines Sans Frontières
  • British Army
  • Royal Air Force
  • Ministry of Defence
  • English Heritage
  • OSCE
  • World Bank
  • DFID
  • FCO
  • European Centre for Minority Issues
  • International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
  • Post-Conflict Research Center

Advancing interactional, ethnographic, participatory, and creative arts-based research methods this work spans four key streams: