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Students and researchers have access to extensive museum and library collections alongside state-of-the-art laboratory and field equipment.

Museums & Archives

Our libraries and museums hold extensive historical and archaeological collections, including materials of local importance and extensive collections from Classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Our on-campus museum, The Great North Museum: Hancock, is an extension to our classroom and allows us to explore material collections from prehistory to modern day, from around the globe. 


Our students can access outstanding library facilities, on campus and around the city.

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Wolfson Archaeology Laboratory

The Wolfson Archaeology Laboratory is a research and teaching laboratory and where we conduct most of our laboratory and analytical training.  It is also an active research lab and hosts collections from various sites in the UK, including: 

  • an animal bones reference collection
  • a thin section and microfossil slide collection
  • Roman pottery collections
  • post-Medieval metalwork and ceramics collections

Specialist equipment includes  

  • facilities for soil, pollen, phytolith and other microfossil sample preparation 
  • facilities for use-wear analysis of bone, stone, metal and glass objects 
  • furnaces for research into material culture, archaeo-materials and ancient technologies through experimental archaeology. 

The Wolfson Archaeology Laboratory is in the King George VI building, room 2.60. You can book it through the University booking system.

Wolfson Archaeology Laboratory

Earthslides laboratory

Our Earthslides laboratory is a research facility providing collaborative and commercial services in thin section preparation and analysis. 

Thin section micromorphology is a technique that was originally developed in soil science, to look at the formation and structure of soils. It has become an increasingly used tool in archaeological contexts, to examine the formation processes of archaeological sediments and materials. 

Newcastle Material Culture Analytical Suite

Our Newcastle Material Culture Analytical Suite facilitates the full process of research, analysis, recording, conservation and display of material culture and collections. NeMCAS is a partnership between Newcastle University and the Great North Museum.

Facilities include a range of specialist microscopes, a spectroscopy suite, 2D and 3D scanning equipment and computed tomography (CT) facilities. Click here for more info.


Each student has a personal University e-mail address and free access to the internet. There are computer clusters around the campus and two of the largest are within walking distance of our School, in The Old Library (building next to ours) and The Philip Robinson Library (a 5 minutes’ walk away).