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History Postgraduate Research Students

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate history students and recent graduates.

Current students

Eleanor Gilchrist

Eleanor Gilchrist is a History PhD student. Eleanor's project explores the history of the craft of crochet.

Hannah James Louwerse

Hannah's project explores Oral History’s Design. Her PhD title is: A creative collaboration. Sustaining visitor (re)use of oral histories on heritage sites: The National Trust’s Seaton Delaval Hall case study.

Harriet Anne Palin

Harriet's project explores the religious education throughout the sixteenth and seventieth centuries. Her PhD title is 'Educating England - The Network of Religious Education: Catechism, Prayer, Preaching & Hymn'.

Yier Xu

Yier Xu is a History research student. Yier's PhD is Medical Pluralism at the Periphery: Health, Modernity and Identity in Guangxi, China, 1920s-1940s.

Joe Redmayne

Joe Redmayne is a History research student. Joe's PhD is Militancy and Whiteness amongst the Working People of County Durham, 1919: A Multi-Occupational Approach.

Craig Thomas

Craig Thomas is a History research student. Craig's PhD is Peer Power: Scotland and northern England under the 5th and 6th dukes of Buccleuch, c.1820-c.1914.

Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith is a History research student. Leanne's PhD is 'No King but Jesus’: The Fifth Monarchist’s idea of a Christian Commonwealth.

Rob Granger

Rob Granger is a History research student. Rob's PhD is 'Manufacturing Consent: Life Under the Later Franco Regime, c.1964 – 1975'.

Katherine Waugh

Katherine Waugh is a History research student. Katherine's PhD is The Industrial Past in the Deindustrialised Present: A Cross-Generational Oral History of County Durham Mining Towns. Read more about Katherine's research here.

Yichi Chen

Yichi Chen is a History research student. Yichi's PhD title is The War of Resistance in Hunan: Power, Disaster, and Survival, 1937-1945. Read more about Yichi's research here.

Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds is a PhD student in History. Her project title is "Oppressed by Liberation: A History of Intrauterine Device Deployment In Britain after 1970"

Alexandra Plane

Alexandra Plane is a History PhD student. Alexandra's project title is ‘Reconstructing the Library of King James VI and I’.

Kyra Helberg

Kyra Helberg is a History PhD student. Kyra's project takes a deeper look into the role dissection played in education and research in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century surgery.

Richard J. Hayton

Richard J. Hayton is a History PhD student. Richard's project title is 'The Political Bible in England, 1660-1715'.

Michael Walker

Michael Walker is a History PhD student. Michael's project title is entitled 'Educating the Workers, 1840-1950'.

Chris Law

Chris Law is a History PhD student. Chris' project title is entitled 'Defending the Nation or Violating Human Rights? The Autobiographical Memory of Former Border Soldiers of the GDR after 1990'.

Lucy Walsh

Lucy Walsh is a History PhD student. Lucy's project is entitled 'The Treatment and Experiences of Children with Cancer in the United Kingdom since c.1945'.

Ally Keane

Ally Keane is a History PhD student. Ally's project is entitled 'Giving Voice to Experience: A Users’ History of Augmentative and Alternative Communication.'

Genevieve Johnson-Smith

Genevieve Johnson-Smith is a History PhD student. Genevieve's project is entitled 'The Legacy of Moses Roper: Fugitive Abolitionism, Black Emancipatory Activism, Anti-Slavery Radicalism and Print Culture in Wales'

Elizabeth DeBold

Beth DeBold is a PhD student in History. Her project title is "The Importance of Youth in the Early Modern Economy: Apprentices and their peer-networks, 1605-1800."

Timea Solyomvari

Timea's project explores the interaction between professional opinions with popular attitudes towards death and afterlife in the span from the late seventeenth until the nineteenth century.

Recent graduates

Jordan Bayley

Jordan Bayley's PhD project title is 'British Histories: The reception of Herodotus’ Histories into British domestic life throughout the long nineteenth century'. Read more about it.

Iain Flood

Iain's subject area is history. His PhD project title is 'Violence and Victimhood: The Effects of Irregular Violence in Civil War Era Missouri'. Read more about Iain's research.

David Johnson

David Johnson's subject area is history. His PhD project title is 'The Feel of Home: Emotions History in the Nineteenth Century British Middle-Class Home'. Read more about David's research.

Alberto Murru

Alberto's subject area is history. His PhD project title is 'The Collaboration between the Political Police of Fascist Italy and the Third Reich'. Read more about Alberto’s research. 

Hannah Reeve

Hannah Reeve's subject area is history. Her PhD project title is 'Maintaining the Parish c.1650-c.1750'. Read more about Hannah's research.

Violeta Tsenova

Violeta's subject area is interdisciplinary spanning history, archaeology, IT, heritage and Digital Cultures. Her project title is 'Critical Making and Innovation Heritage'. Read more.