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Classics and Ancient History Research

We are committed to fostering and further sustaining a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive intellectual environment.

Dynamic field of study

At Newcastle we examine the human experience, in all its brilliance and complexity, from the Late Bronze Age until the seventh century CE. Our main geographical focus is the Graeco-Roman Mediterranean, but we also study the impact of Greek and Roman culture in Egypt, Central Asia, and the far North of Britain.

Graeco-Roman focus

Our geographical focus is primarily the Graeco-Roman Mediterranean. But the impact of Greek and Roman culture is also traced in Egypt, Central Asia, and the far North of Britain.

32% of the research submitted to the Research Excellence Framework 2021 was classed as world-leading.

Research Excellence Framework 2021

Exploring the Past in the Present

Our research centres on the history, cultures, and languages of ancient Greece and Rome. We approach these via their literary, material or visual remains, or combinations of all three. We draw upon a wide range of evidence to investigate lived experience in the ancient past. Our research also traces the legacy of past lives, literatures, and societies in later history.

Research-led teaching

We are a diverse and international community of researchers and teachers. We believe in a strong integration between our research and out teaching, and we offer some of the most wide-ranging Classics and Ancient History in the country as part of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

A stele, or occasionally stela, when derived from Latin, is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected in the ancient world as a monument.

The Great North Museum: Hancock plays an important role in supporting our activities. It is home to the Shefton Collection of Greek and Etruscan Art and Archaeology, and also houses a large body of findings from Hadrian’s Wall, an impressive coin collection, and material from late Period Egypt.

Research in history and archaeology

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