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Classics and Ancient History Postgraduate Research Students

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate classics and ancient history students and recent graduates.

Current students

Jerome Ruddick

Jerome Ruddick's PhD project title is 'Olympian Shackles: An Examination of the Relationship Between Greek Mythology, Identity and Material Culture in Hellenistic Greece'. Read more.

Elisa Antonella Polignano

Elisa Antonella Polignano's PhD is 'Marcus Argentarius: critical edition, translation, and commentary. Read more.

Bunny Waring

Bunny Waring's PhD is 'Imitated Innovation: Communicating Power and Legitimacy in the Sullan Era'. Read more.

Daisy Dorrington

Daisy Dorrington's PhD project title is 'The Literary She-Wolf: An Analysis of the Representation of the lupa in Latin Literature'

Recent graduates

Sara Borrello

Sara Borrello's subject area is classics. Her PhD project title is 'Children in Politics. Family Strategies During the Roman Republic (3rd-1st Century BCE)'. Read more about Sara's research.

Jordan Bayley

Jordan Bayley's PhD project title is 'British Histories: The reception of Herodotus’ Histories into British domestic life throughout the long nineteenth century'. Read more about it.

Juan García González

Juan's subject area is classics. His PhD project title is 'The Exiles of the Sullan Regime and the Elites of the Empire: Interaction, Discourse, Politics and Integration in the 70s BC'. Read more.