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Eleanor Harrison

Eleanor's subject area is archaeology. Her PhD project title is Single burial traditions and identity in Neolithic Britain and Ireland. Read more about Eleanor's research.

Project title

Single burial traditions and identity in Neolithic Britain and Ireland.


Eleanor Harrison

Project description

My research is focused on Neolithic single burial traditions in Britain and Ireland (4000-2500 BC).

Burials of individuals in flat graves, pits, cists and alone, or in pairs, in monuments have been under-studied in the Neolithic. While there is a huge variety of burial practices in this period, research has been dominated by communal burial in monuments, while single burial is more commonly associated with the following Bronze Age.

I hope to provide the first detailed consideration of these burials, through a combination of theoretical and bioarchaeological methods (including new stable isotope and aDNA analysis). My study will also consider the implications of this evidence for our understandings of Neolithic identity and wider burial practices.


MA Archaeology- Newcastle University, 2019 (Distinction).  Dissertation title: Multiple Proxies and Multiple Identities: How far can a new approach to the burial record of Neolithic Britain and Ireland add to our understandings of gender and age?

BA Archaeology- Newcastle University, 2018 (First Class).  Dissertation Title: The Missing Women of Prehistory: A study of the visibility and roles of prehistoric women presented in British museums.

Funding Awards

AHRC Northern Bridge Consortium DTP, 2020-24

Other Roles

Teaching Assistant: ARA2001 Archaeological Theory and Interpretation