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Harriet Anne Palin

Project title

'Educating England - The Network of Religious Education: Catechism, Prayer, Preaching & Hymn'.


Harriet Anne Palin

Project description

Harriet’s PhD project looks at the interactions between different media of religious education throughout sixteenth and seventeenth century England, chief amongst them: catechism, prayer, preaching and hymn. Each is viewed through the lens of public and private worship; internal and external signs of election; active and passive forms of faith; and intentional versus subconscious pedagogies. Harriet aims to add to the growing debate located in the historiography of the English Reformation which evaluates the conscious involvement of laypeople in developing their Faith.

Previous Roles & Qualifications

Harriet started her journey at Newcastle University achieving a first-class BA in History before going on to achieve a PGCE in Secondary History at Northumbria University and an MA History at Durham University. In returning to Newcastle, Harriet has taken on the role of HCA History PGR student representative as well as the HaSS faculty HCA PGR representative and the role of History Editor at Newcastle’s HCA online journal Pons Aelius. Harriet welcomes all that are interested in her research to contact her for further information via: