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Lucy Walsh

Project Title

The Treatment and Experiences of Children with Cancer in the United Kingdom since c.1945.

Academic Supervisors

Project Description

This project draws principally on oral testimony, complemented by contemporary medical and public commentary and archival material, to discuss the changing landscape of children’s cancer care from c.1945 to 1990, a period that saw transformation of outcomes for children with cancer and raised ethical questions about treatment, cure and recovery. The project relates developments in clinical practice to wider medical and social ideas about childhood, agency and care.  It aims to uncover how children and their families experienced treatment, and which initiatives in paediatric oncology were effective in caring for and supporting the recovery of the patient and their family.

Lucy Walsh


BA (Hons) French and History - University of Liverpool, 2018

MA History - University College Cork, 2019


  • Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowship (NUAcT) scheme

Conference Papers

September 2022: ‘‘Morally intolerable to morally obligatory’: Diagnostic Disclosure in Paediatric Oncology since the 1960s’ - Infancy, Childhood, Personhood and Health: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Newcastle University.