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Anne Redgate

Lecturer in History


Anne Redgate is a Lecturer in History at Newcastle University. Her areas of expertise are Anglo-Saxon England, Britain 800-1066 and early medieval Armenia.


Research Interests

My current research interests are conversion to Christianity; formation and maintenance of ethnic/national identity; political ideology, image-building and propagation from the period of Late Antiquity to c. 1066 in Armenia and in the British Isles.

Current Work

I am currently working on a book for Pearsons: Religion, Politics and Society in Britain 800-1066

Esteem Indicators

In the summer of 2005, I was invited by National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia to participate in a conference (held at the Academy, in Yerevan, in September 2005)celebrating the 1600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet.
In October 2005, I was invited to speak to the University of Oxford Armenian Studies Seminar in February 2006
My book on The Armenians has been gone into a number of translations:
Czech (Anna Elizabeth Redgateova, Armeni Prague,2003)), Greek (to be published early 2006)and Turkish (to be published late 2005).