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Dr Caron Newman

Research Associate


My main research interests are in settlement and landscape of the late medieval and post medieval periods. My PhD research was on the medieval and post medieval landscape of Cumbria, and was a GIS-based project using as its baseline, the Cumbria HLC which I completed for Cumbria County Council. The work involved testing some of the assumptions of HLC through the use of late 18th C county maps and earlier estate maps. 

Before coming to Newcastle, I already had a career as a multi-period field archaeologist in various professional units, and for many years work for English Heritage's (now Historic England) North West office. I was the medieval period co-ordinator for the North West Archaeological Research Frameworks, and also contributed to the Roman, early medieval, post medieval and industrial sections. I spent much time studying the development of towns in the North West of England, with a particular interest in industrial-period housing, and included amongst my major research projects were the Historic Towns Survey of Lancashire and the Historic Landscape Characterisation of Cumbria.

More recent projects include work on Historic Seascapes Characterisation, the archaeological landscape survey of the Anglo-Scottish border in the late medieval period, an archaeological survey of an 18th century designed landscape at Rothley Lakes, Northumberland, and an assessment of the impacts of forestry strategies on the historic landscape character of England.

Academic and Professional qualifications
  • BA Hons in History and Archaeology
  • MSc in Archaeology in Computing
  • Member of Chartered Institute for Archaeology
  • Fellow of Society of Antiquaries
Conferences papers presented include
  • Small town trade: evidence from Romsey, Hampshire. Medieval Europe 1992
  • Quality Standards and Desk-Based Assessments, IfA 2000
  • History: the handmaiden of archaeology? IfA 2001
  • Valuing the Urban Landscape session organiser, IfA 2002
  • The Cotton Trade and its Influence on Urban and Industrial Development in East Lancashire 1750-1914, Society for Historical Archaeology, Colonial Williamsburg USA 2007
  • Modern uses of terraced housing and textile mills in East Lancashire, Association for Industrial Archaeology, Preston 2007
  • Historic landscape characterisation, more than a management tool? Crossing Paths or Sharing Tracks? Future Directions for the Archaeological Study of post-1550 Britain and Ireland, Society for Post Medieval Archaeology, Leicester 2009
  • Understanding the medieval settlement of Cumbria, Medieval Settlement Research Group/Centre for North West Regional Studies 2011
  • Fillling in the White Spaces. Integrating archaeological data with historical and natural environment datasets in a landscape-based approach to itnerpretation and presentation, European Archaeologists Association Conference, Istanbul, 2014
  • The medieval farming landscape, Medieval Settlement Research Group, 2015
  • Landscapes of power: religious lordship and land-use and their influence on the landscape of Cumbria, European Archaeologists Association Conference, Glasgow, 2015
  • A reiving landscape? The Anglo-Scottish border in the late medieval and early modern period, Landscape Archaeology Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, 2016
  • Mapping the 18th century landscape of CumbriaL a snapshopt of a rapidly evolving environment, Post Medieval Archaeology conference, Sheffield, 2016
  • 'In the wastes ... a martial kind of men'. The late medieval landscape of the Anglo-Scottish border, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 2017


Current Work:

Forestry and Woodland Futures

From the Border to the Wall

Wallington Hall, Northumberland

West Park, Darlington

Past Projects:

Historic Seascapes Characterisation: The Irish Sea (English Sector)

Rothley Lakes, Wallington, Northumberland


Undergraduate modules:

ARA1030 Archaeology of Britain from the Romans to the 20th Century (module leader)

ARA2012 Fieldwork and Archaeological Practice

ARA3001,3002, 3003 Dissertation in Archaeology

ARA3013 Early Medieval Northern Europe

ARA3031 Historical Archaeology of Britain from 1500 to the Present

Postgraduate modules:

ARA8090 Research Themes, Theories and Skills in Archaeology