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Dr Claire Stocks

Senior Lecturer in Classics



BA Classics (Durham), MA Classics (Durham), PhD Latin Literature (Cambridge)

My primary research interest is Latin epic, especially Flavian epic. My first book was on the characterisation of Hannibal in Silius Italicus' epic, Punica (Liverpool, 2014) and I am now working on the relationship between the emperor Domitian and the divine in Flavian poetry and Culture. I co-run the Flavian Literature and Culture Network in collaboration with the Emma Buckley (St Andrews) and Antony Augoustakis (University of Illinois). I am the PI for an ACE-funded project in collaboration with the Roman site of Vindolanda and the Game Lab, Newcastle University, designing a mystery game for Key Stage 2 students, set on the site and playable on smart phones and tablets, that uses hand-drawn 2D animation. I am also the co-curator for an exhibition on the Emperor Domitian ('The Emperor Domitian: God on Earth') that will be taking place in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden, October 2021 - March 2022, and in Rome, Trajan's Markets.

Feedback, Guidance, and Consultation (Office) Hours:

NB: Due to Covid19 it is not currently possible to run office hours in person. I am available for office hours online, however, via zoom during the following times in weeks 1-4 (links available upon request or via Canvas).

Mondays 4pm-5pm (weeks 1-4)

Thursdays 9am-10am (weeks 1, 3, and 4) and 12-1pm (week 2); 4pm-5pm (weeks 1-4)

Stay safe and all the best.

Tel: 0191 2087971

Academic Career

2020 -        Senior Lecturer in Classics, Newcastle University 

2016-20     Lecturer in Classics, University of Newcastle (UK)

2012-16     Assistant Professor for Classics, Radboud University, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

2011-12     Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, University of Manchester (UK)

2010-11     Supervisor of Studies, Classics, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge (UK) 


Publications (In Print):




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Publications (Forthcoming):




2019              A. Augoustakis, E. Buckley, and C. Stocks (eds) Fides in Flavian Literature. (Phoenix Supplementary volume: Toronto). 180 pages.



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