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Dr Darakhshan Khan

Teaching Fellow: Modern South Asian Hist


I am a historian of gender, religion and social reform in South Asia. My work examines the rise of social movements in colonial India. In particular, I am interested in their intersection with the history of the household and the reformist re-framing of Muslim women as members of the household, the religious community and the nation. I am also interested in questions about women’s labour and the creation of the middle-class home as a non-economic site of socialisation.

My second project marks my foray into medical history as I examine the discourses of female mental health in literary texts and medical records in colonial South Asia and also trace the implications of the intertwined discourses for contemporary healthcare policies in India.

I received my PhD from the Department of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, following which I was worked as a research fellow at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (Virginia, USA).


HIS3326: Women in Colonial South Asia: Tradition, Reform and Modernity


HIS2133: Society and Politics in Colonial India, 1880s to 1947

HIS8120: Missions, Missionaries and Empires in World History: British, European and Informal Empires


HIS3000: Reading History


HIS3020: Writing History


HIS3033: History and Society


Modules in History of Medicine


SHS8128: Diseases in History


SHS8127: The Patient in History


SHS8124: Introduction to the History of Medicine