School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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Dr John Burke

Teaching Assistant


I completed my PhD at Newcastle University in 2015 focussing on the remembrance and representation of Britain & the Cyprus conflict of 1974.  My research and teaching interests span a range of topics associated with modern British, European and Cypriot history.  In particular, I have a deep interest in the process of memory and the different means by which individuals and collectives attempt to make sense of the past.  I teach on a range of undergraduate modules at Newcastle.


Modern British, European and Cypriot history.  History and memory, conflict and colonialism, migration and displacement, End of Empire, Oral History.


I have taught at Newcastle University since 2013, and previously worked at the University of Sunderland in 2015-2016.  The modules I am currently engaged in at Newcastle are:  

HIS 1025: World Empires

HIS 1027: Introduction to European History

HIS 1044: Aspects of British History

HIS 1030: Evidence and Argument

HIS 2242: Researching History

HIS 3020: Dissertations

Past Modules:

HIS 1029: Varieties of History (2013-2017)

HIS 3000: Reading History (2016-2017)