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Dr Kevin Greene

Visiting Fellow (Archaeology)



Until March 2011 I was Reader in Archaeology; following retirement, I am now a Visiting Fellow in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. My principal research interests remain ceramics, ancient economics and technology, especially in the Roman Empire.


Research Interests

1: the Roman economy: The Archaeology of the Roman Economy (Batsford/University of California Press, 1986), and 'Archaeological evidence and ancient economies', in Bang, P. et al. (eds), Ancient economies, modern methodologies: Archaeology, comparative history, models and institutions. 2006 Bari: Edipuglia; Pragmateiai 12: 109-36.

2: ancient technology: 'Archaeology and technology', in Bintliff, J. (ed.), Blackwell companion to archaeology. Oxford: Blackwell 155-73, and 'Technological innovation and economic progress in the ancient world: M. I. Finley re-considered', Economic History Review 53.1 (2000): 29-59.

I held a British Academy Research Readership from September 2005 to 2007, and conducted research into 'The Roman economy: material perspectives'. The published outcomes of that project, combining economics, technology and material culture, included: 'Late Hellenistic and early Roman invention and innovation: the case of lead-glazed pottery', (American J. Archaeology 111.4 (2007): 653-71) and 'Learning to consume: consumption and consumerism in the Roman Empire' (Journal of Roman Archaeology 21 (2008) 64-82).


Archaeological methodology: see the textbook written for first-year students, Archaeology: an Introduction (with Tom Moore, fifth edition, Routledge, 2010). This book has a electronic companion (hosted by Routledge at containing relevant on-line information sources.