School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Staff Profile

Dr Matthew Haysom

Lecturer Ancient History & Archaeology


Research Interests

Archaeology of Religion and Ritual; Comparative Archaeology of Social Complexity; Household Archaeology; Archaeology of Greece

Office (2.27) Hours

2019/20 Semester 1: Tuesdays 2pm-3pm, Wednesdays 12noon-2pm

Previous Positions

Knossos Curator, British School at Athens (2012-2015)

Lecturer (UTO), University of Cambridge (2010-2012)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Lake Forrest College (2009-2010)

A.G. Leventis Research Fellow, British School at Athens (2006-2009)

Macmillan Rodewald Student, British School at Athens (2004-2005)


D.Phil. in Archaeology, University of Oxford

M.St. in Literae Humaniores, University of Oxford

MA in Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh


My primary research interest is the archaeology of religion from the Bronze Age down to the Classical period. My interest is twofold. Religion is traditionally seen as one of the most difficult topics for non-text assisted archaeologists to approach. It is, therefore, a fascinating proving-ground for the development of methodologically robust interpretive approaches. At the same time, religion is a nexus for many other elements of social, economic and political change, making it an opportune focus for holistic attempts at the reconstruction of ancient societies and their dynamics. Thus far, my research has focused on Crete, which is the most extensively excavated and surveyed region of modern Greece. It has touched upon all periods from the Late Bronze Age through to the Hellenistic period, although it has been focused on the former. Throughout this time-frame Crete has a rich archaeological record with minimal textual records making it an important case study for archaeological approaches to Greek antiquity.


Module Leader

ARA2016 Archaeologies of Greece

CAH2020 Greek and Roman Religions


ARA1027 Introduction to Archaeology

CAH1012 West meets East: Greek History and Society, 776-323 BC

CAC1012 Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

CAH2006 In Alexander's Footsteps: Classical and Hellenistic Empires

CAH2009 Portfolio in Ancient History I: Commentaries

CAH2013 Sex, Bodies and Identities in Antiquity

CAH3000 Portfolio in Ancient History II: Dissertation

ARA3100 The Rise of the Middle Sea

CAC8000 Research Skills and Dissertation Training

ARA8090 Research Themes, Theories and Skills in Archaeology


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