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Dr Nicola Clarke

Lecturer in the History of the Islamic World



I am a(n) historian of medieval Islamic Iberia (al-Andalus), with particular interests in historiography and social history. My teaching, however, ranges across the Islamic world, from the time of the Prophet Muhammad down to the early 17th century.



MA (St Andrews, 2003) - History 

MPhil (Oxford, 2005) - Classical and Medieval Islamic History

DPhil (Oxford, 2009) - 'The Islamic Conquest of Spain: historiographical perspectives, 8th-14th centuries'


Previous Positions 

Teaching Associate, Department of History, Lancaster University, 2011-12

Tutor in Islamic History, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, 2010-11 

Lecturer in Later Medieval Islamic History, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, 2009-10 


Areas of interest

My primary research focus at present is on representations of gender - particularly masculinity - in legal and literary texts from medieval Islamic Iberia (al-Andalus).

I also remain interested in medieval Islamic intellectual life, especially historiography, geography and travel writing in Arabic.


I am happy to consider research proposals from students wishing to work on any aspect of the early or medieval history of the Islamic world, with a preference for social, intellectual and political history, or receptions of the medieval Islamic past in the present.

Please note that I do not work on modern Arabic literature, or modern Islamic history. I can therefore only consider proposals in these areas where the project has a pre-modern component, and in the context of collaborative supervision with a suitable specialist.


Undergraduate teaching

HIS1025 World Empires

HIS1027 European History

HIS2012 Clash of Civilizations: Islam, the Crusades, and the Mongol invasions

HIS2240 Greece from Ancient Times to the Present

HIS3020 Writing History

HIS3219 Living Together: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in medieval Iberia 

Graduate Teaching

HIS8052 Conflict in European History

HIS8061 The Practice of History

HIS8120 Missions, Missionaries and Empires in World History

Office hours

2019-20: I am on research leave in semester 2

Administrative roles 

Degree Programme Director (DPD), V100 and VL12 (2016-2019) - NB Now finished; if you have any queries, please contact the new DPD, Dr Philip Garrett