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Dr Stelios Lekakis

Visiting Fellow


I studied classical archaeology at the University of Athens and after my MA studies (UCL 2005, Managing Archaeological Sites) I worked extensively as a consultant in Greece, focusing on sustainable strategies in heritage management and the role of local communities, thematics of my PhD (University of Athens 2013).

I work with NGOs (I am one of the founding members of MONUMENTA NGO and the project manager of the “Local Communities & Monuments” programme) and university departments on various cultural informatics projects, heritage management projects and excavations. I have also worked in the Greek Ministry of Culture (Acropolis Restoration Project: 2007-2008 and Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments 2014-2015). 

In 2017 I completed my MSCA-IF at Newcastle University working on the concepts of heritage management, landscape assessment and characterisation: The RES.CO.PART project and currently I am a Research Associate in the AHRC Cultural Value Follow on scheme Co-creating Heritage; Bottom up planning for heritage management in rural areas”.


In my spare time I seek scattered truths among things and people.

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Research Interests

  • Cultural heritage management & sustainable development
  • Island and littoral landscapes & seascapes
  • Cultural Informatics
  • Public archaeology & interpretation
  • Politics of heritage
  • Archaeological Ethnography

Current activities - posts

  • Research Associate at the Centre of Applied Archaeology - Institute of Archaeology, University College London
  • Founding Member of the Greek NGO MONUMENTA, for the protection of natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus
  • Founding Member of the “Association of Heritage Consultants” in Greece. Current president: 2014-2016
  • Member of the Council for Architectural Heritage, Elliniki Etairia, Society for the Preservation of the Environment and Cultural Heritage (NGO)
  • Europa Nostra’s assessor (EU Prize Scheme for Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Awards)
  • Member of the research team (University of Athens): For the excavation and publication of the ‘Diogeneion Gymnasion’ archaeological site in Athens: (Research on the Inscriptions)
  • Member of the World Archaeological Congress | Former member of the Student Committee (WACSC)  (2006-2013) 

Grants & Scholarships

  • Marie-Curie Fellow (2015-2017)
  • Initiative for Heritage Conservancy (2010)
  • Centre for the Classical World Study Grants, UCL (2005)
  • State Scholarship Foundation (2004-2008)



Adjunct Lecturer

  • MA in Social and Solidarity Economy, Hellenic Open University | Course: The Commons: An alternative paradigm (2017-2020)
  • MA in Cultural Policy and Development, Open University of Cyprus | Course: Cultural Policy and Cultural Management (2015-2018)
  • MA Archaeology, City, Architecture, University of Athens | Course: The legal framework in managing cultural heritage and practical aspects (2015-2016)
  • MA in Heritage Management, University of Kent and the Athens University of Economics and Business | Courses: Public Archaeology (2014), Introduction to archaeology (2014-2015)



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