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Dr Stelios Lekakis

Visiting Fellow


I studied classical archaeology at the University of Athens and after my MA studies (UCL 2005, Managing Archaeological Sites) I worked extensively as a consultant in Greece, focusing on sustainable strategies in heritage management and the role of local communities, thematics of my PhD (University of Athens 2013).

I work with NGOs (I am one of the founding members of MONUMENTA NGO and the project manager of the “Local Communities & Monuments” programme) and university departments on various cultural informatics projects, heritage management projects and excavations. I have also worked in the Greek Ministry of Culture (Acropolis Restoration Project: 2007-2008 and Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments 2014-2015). 

In 2017 I completed my MSCA-IF at Newcastle University working on the concepts of heritage management, landscape assessment and characterisation: The RES.CO.PART project and in 2019 the AHRC Cultural Value Follow on scheme "Co-creating Heritage: Bottom up planning for heritage management in rural areas"Currently, I am working as an AHRC Creative Economy Engagement Fellow on the "Heritage Hack" project, which will provide a new digital tool to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about urban heritage and public space in the city and on a monograph about cultural politics and heritage management during the Asia Minor War (1919-1922), funded by the Research Centre for the Humanities.

In 2019 my edited volume "Cultural heritage in the realm of the commons" will be published by Ubiquity Press.

In my spare time I seek scattered truths among things and people.

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Research Interests

  • Cultural heritage management & sustainable development
  • Island and littoral landscapes & seascapes
  • Cultural Informatics
  • Public archaeology & interpretation
  • Politics of heritage
  • Archaeological Ethnography

Current activities - posts

  • Research Associate at the Centre of Applied Archaeology - Institute of Archaeology, University College London
  • Founding Member of the Greek NGO MONUMENTA, for the protection of natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus
  • Founding Member of the “Association of Heritage Consultants” in Greece. Current president: 2014-2016
  • Member of the Council for Architectural Heritage, Elliniki Etairia, Society for the Preservation of the Environment and Cultural Heritage (NGO)
  • Europa Nostra’s assessor (EU Prize Scheme for Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Awards)
  • Member of the research team (University of Athens): For the excavation and publication of the ‘Diogeneion Gymnasion’ archaeological site in Athens: (Research on the Inscriptions)
  • Member of the World Archaeological Congress | Former member of the Student Committee (WACSC)  (2006-2013) 

Grants & Scholarships

  • Marie-Curie Fellow (2015-2017)
  • Initiative for Heritage Conservancy (2010)
  • Centre for the Classical World Study Grants, UCL (2005)
  • State Scholarship Foundation (2004-2008)



Adjunct Lecturer

  • MA in Social and Solidarity Economy, Hellenic Open University | Course: The Commons: An alternative paradigm (2017-2020)
  • MA in Cultural Policy and Development, Open University of Cyprus | Course: Cultural Policy and Cultural Management (2015-2018)
  • MA Archaeology, City, Architecture, University of Athens | Course: The legal framework in managing cultural heritage and practical aspects (2015-2016)
  • MA in Heritage Management, University of Kent and the Athens University of Economics and Business | Courses: Public Archaeology (2014), Introduction to archaeology (2014-2015)



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