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Staff Profile

Professor Tim Kirk

Professor of European History



Roles and Responsibilities

Professor of European History


BA, PhD Manchester


Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences 

Member of the German History Society

Member of the Research Group in European Urban Culture 


Research Interests

Fascism, particularly in central Europe.

Other Expertise

Urban history and culture of Austria, primarily in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Current Work

The Nazi New Order


Undergraduate Teaching

The Habsburg Empire
The Weimar Republic
Nazi Germany
Reading History: Christopher Browning, Ordinary men

Postgraduate Teaching

Postgraduate German-Language Primary Source Workshops. 
This workshop was established in 2013 by two historians of twentieth-century Germany, Felix Schulz and Tim Kirk. It meets weekly during term-time (currently at 6 pm on Tuesdays). Sessions last between one and two hours. It is intended to supplement rather than replace basic language courses, and combines language work with document-reading skills. The group works with a range of primary source material in German, much of taken from our own research projects, pasta and present, but we also try to encompass material relevant to the research interests of all  members of the group. The material we read ranges from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, and encompassing archival sources, contemporary newspapers, magazines and pamphlets, literary texts, diaries, memoirs and letters. Most of the material is in roman text, but we occasionally look at handwritten documents and publications in Fraktur. Much of the work involved is translation of the sources, discussion of stylistic registers, usage and idioms specific to different periods and contexts from the eighteenth-century court to the institutions of the German Democratic Republic. 

The group is open to anybody using German for research purposes, and has included research postgraduates, MA students taking German as part of the MA European History, applicants for higher degrees, research fellows and members of academic staff.

Office Hours 2019-20

Tues 2-4

Weds 12-1