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Rahayu Abd Ghani - Managing Partner, Rahayu Partnership (Law, 1996)

I was part of the Northern Consortium of UK universities programme offered by the then Mara Institute of Technology, where Newcastle University was one of the universities. Frankly, I chose it by chance but I have never regretted that decision. The lecturers back then who were able to deliver their lectures and tutorials very well, keeping me interested in the subjects. I started my attachment in a law firm specialising in admiralty and maritime matters and continued with my pupillage. I was retained thereafter and remained with the law firm until 2011 before I moved to another firm which is now known as Rahayu Partnership. Apart from doing admiralty and maritime works, I have since diversified into other areas of law in the corporate and commercial sphere. My only regret was not being participative enough during my university days and leverage on all the activities back then. I now know and appreciate the power of networking.