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Allan Beever on Law

Day 1: The Dubai Room, Pandon Building, Northumbria University

1.00-1.30: Lunch

2.00-2.15: Introductory remarks: Professor Allan Beever (Auckland University of Technology)

2.15-3.45: Professor T.T. Arvind: ‘Law, Politics, and Tradition’; Dr Christine Beuermann: ‘Harm in the Private Law – A Third Possibility’

4.00-5.30: Dr Nick Sage: ‘Beever on Contract’: Associate Professor Léonid Sirota: ‘Aragorn’s Tax Policy Doesn’t Matter (But Public Law Still Does)’

7.30:         Dinner for participants (Newcastle)

Day 2 – Conference Room, Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University

9.00-9.30:    Tea/Coffee

9.30-11.00:   Richard Mullender: ‘Negligence Law and Vulnerability’;

Emilia Mickiewicz: ‘The Emperor's New Clothes and Formalism After Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police

11.15-12.45: Tom Bennett: ‘Contemplating Formalism in Music and Law’; Panel Discussion on Law and Interdisciplinarity

12.45-1.15:   Closing remarks: Professor Allan Beever

1.15:             Lunch