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Doctors Without Borders study published

Doctors Without Borders study published

17 February 2020

The joint-authored article presents the findings of the first research ever conducted on the impact of the legal asylum system on the mental health of asylum-seekers in South Africa, the country with the largest backlog of asylum applications in the world. This research is the result of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative effort between Dr Gil-Bazo and the Nobel Prize winner NGO MSF since 2018.

Dr Gil-Bazo is a Senior Lecturer in Law here at Newcastle Law School and Research Associate at the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) at University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg), where she is member of their Migration and Health Project. The authors have been invited to present their findings at the MSF Scientific Days in Brazil 2020, a research gathering of MSF with the academic community worldwide.

L Schockaert, E Venables, MT Gil-Bazo, G Barnwell, R Gerstenhaber, and K Whitehouse, ‘Behind the scenes of South Africa’s Asylum Procedure: A Qualitative Study on Long-term Asylum-Seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo’ (2020) 39 Refugee Survey Quarterly 1 is available open access.