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Damian Beasley-Suffolk

Project title

Competitor Collaboration and the interaction of Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law in the context of Standard Essential Patents in mobile communications network industries.


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Project abstract

Modern communication systems are so complex that many specialised companies, who normally compete with each other, have to collaborate in order to develop common technical standards to which all their products will comply, to ensure interoperability. However, such collaboration immediately raises competition concerns, and participant may patent technical aspects of standards they contribute to, giving them a very strong position. Competition law rules allow for this, but also impose obligations on such patent holders to ensure that all participants may use all parts of a standard. Damian's research analyses the extent to which the objects of these rules are achieved.

Damian Beasley-Suffolk


BSc Telecommunications Engineering, (Essex)

LLB English Law (Open)

LLM EU Commercial Law (Leicester)

CEng (Chartered Engineer), MIET (Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology)

Law School research group membership

Law and Futures