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Igor Szpotakowski

Project title

China, Poland, and the UK: Digitalisation and Social Transformation in Administration of Civil Justice


Ben Farrand and Bryan Clark


The development of “online courts” in recent years has been potentially influenced by social and cultural dynamics related to citizens’ expectations of access to justice. The research question of this project is: What is the impact of digitalisation of civil justice on existing values and principles underlying different legal systems? Igor will undertake a comparative analysis of digital civil courts and understandings of the concept of digital justice in Poland, the UK and in the PRC. By comparing them, Igor will seek to develop a set of criteria against which current and future policy developments and recommendations can be assessed.

Igor Szpotakowski

Conferences and seminars

Igor Szpotakowski, Z. Kopania, Chinese Law Research Guide, Lodz-Krakow 2020, ISBN 978-83-66709-47-8.

China and the Chinese in the modern world. An Interdiciplinary Study, Z. Kopania, Igor Szpotakowski (Eds.), Lodz-Krakow 2020, ISBN: 978-83-66709-18-8.

Igor Szpotakowski, Polish and Chinese civil law perspectives on the principle of good faith [in:] China and the Chinese in the modern world. An Interdiciplinary Study, Z. Kopania, Igor Szpotakowski (Eds.), Lodz-Krakow 2020, ISBN: 978-83-66709-18-8, pp. 153-174.

Igor Szpotakowski, The New Chinese Civil Code and its contribution to the sustainable development – a comparative perspective, The Transformation of Private Law, vol. 3/2020, pp. 233-246.

Paper ‘Blockchain Bill of Lading in Chinese Law: A comparative perspective’ presented at Yenching Global Symposium, Beijing, April 8, 2022;

Paper ‘Blockchain Evidence in Chinese Courts as a Path to the Digital Justice – a Comparative Law Perspective’ presented at International Conference “China and the Chinese in the Modern World”, Krakow, May 15, 2021;

Paper ‘Copyright Rules Reform in the Digital Single Market and Controversies about Press Publishers’ presented at University of Sheffield Law and Technology PGR Conference: ‘Legal Implications in the Digital World’, Sheffield, December 8, 2020;

Paper ‘The New Chinese civil code: innovative approach or just a simple compliation?’ presented at II International Scientific Conference “China and the Chinese in the modern world”, Cracow 13th June 2020.


Introduction to learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE) certification (Newcastle University)

Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies, Jagiellonian University (Poland)

Master of Law, Peking University (China)

Master’s degree in Law, Jagiellonian University (Poland)

Law School research group membership

Law and Futures (Deputy Convener)

Law and Obligations