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Placement Year

Placement Year

Gain experience by taking a workplace-based placement as part of your degree.

Gain valuable experience in the workplace

Undertaking a placement year during your studies gives you opportunity to:

  • gain practical experience in a workplace
  • develop knowledge of a business sector or industry
  • acquire ‘soft skills’ prized by employers
  • build confidence and networks

Practical experience demonstrates independence and adaptability to future employers. Such experience shows that you are a ‘well-rounded’ candidate with practical skills as well as a strong academic record.

Who we work with

Students can, subject to some limited restrictions, undertake their placement anywhere and are encouraged to identify host organisations to accommodate their placement year. Of course, support in identifying a suitable host is available through the Careers Service and the Director of Career Placements in the Law School. The Law School has established relationships with Clifford Chance and DRS.

How it works

During the second year of your degree, you have the opportunity to apply to spend the year abroad. This will extend your degree by a year. If your application is successful, you will spend your third year on placement. Successful completion of a placement year is noted on your degree certificate as: Bachelor of Laws with Placement Year.

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