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GCSE to A-level Maths Transition Course

GCSE to A-level Maths Transition Course

Helping to ease the transition

Our GCSE to A-level Maths Transition Course aims to support students with the move from studying GCSE Maths to A-level Maths

The School of Maths, Stats and Physics at Newcastle University are offering a FREE Transition Course to help students bridge the gap between GCSE and A-level Maths studies. The aim of the course is to help students build confidence and get some additional practice on key topics to help maximise their chances of success at A-level.

The course will cover the following GCSE topics (please note no A-level content will be introduced here):

  • Session 1 & 2: Simplifying Expressions 
  • Session 3: Quadratics 
  • Session 4 & 5: Equations and Inequalities 
  • Session 6: Graph Transformations 
  • Session 7 & 8: Linear Equations 
  • Session 9: Algebraic Fractions 
  • Session 10: Trigonometry 

Each topic will be covered in a 1 hour live online session (taught by a local qualified, practicing teacher), formative assessments will be set for each topic using our own e-learning software Numbas. The sessions, content and assessments will all be accessed through our VLE. Our VLE course will stay live until the following September so students can access the session recordings and assessments until they start their A-level studies.

The 10 online live classes will take place over 5 weeks in June and July.

All students who complete the course will be issued a completion certificate and a bespoke progress report indicating any areas that they need to work on further (these can be shared with school contacts if desired).

We can accommodate up to 295 students on our course and if we pass that number we will allocate places based on which students signed up first using the registration form when it goes live.


Registration for this event will open after Easter.